The Municipality continues to develop/update a database of stakeholders and improving mechanisms to ensure a culture of participative governance as a priority. Cluster- Based consultation has been adopted as a form of stakeholder participatory community action linked to the Integrated Development Planning (IDP) process.

In ensuring continuous engagements with other stakeholders, that is, sector departments as well as sector forums, the municipality intends to facilitate an Intergovernmental Relations Forum (IGR) that will assist in facilitation of forging partnerships and strengthening relationships with the sector departments to ensure horizontal linkages in pursuit for a broader and enhanced development agenda.

The notion of our IDP seeks to promote intergration and Coordination between other spheres, also providing the basis and harmonization of all government programmes and projects within our municipal area. The municipality also joined hands with the district municipality in enhancing stakeholder participation of those that are organised clusters.

The Municipality also collaborates with the Provincial Departments and the District to streamline Intergovernmental and joint planning through different engagements that have been introduced in the Province, namely, the Provincial Planning Forum, District IDP Forum, District and Local Makgotla. The District IDP Forum contributes in finding solutions thereby reaching agreements with sector departments by enhancing service delivery concerns that are specific sector related

All the key related issues raised during stakeholder engagement and public participation have been considered by the municipality, this development of Key Focus Areas.