Powers and Functions

Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality is a Category B Municipality established to
perform the following functions as bestowed upon by the Constitution
in terms of section 156 (1) and the division of powers:


1) Air pollution No
2) Building regulations Yes
3) Child care facilities Yes
4) Electricity reticulation No
5) Fire fighting No
6) Local tourism Yes
7) Municipal Airport No
8) Municipal Planning Yes
9) Municipal health Services No
10) Municipal Public transport No
11) Pontoons and ferries No
12) Storm water Yes
13) Trading regulations Yes
14) Water No
15) Beaches and amusement facilities No
16) Billboards and the display of advertisements in public places Yes
17) Cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria Yes
18) Cleansing Yes
19) Control of public nuisance Yes
20) Control of undertakings that sell liquor to the public No
21) Facilities for the accommodation, care and burial of animals Yes
22) Fencing Yes
23) Licensing of dogs Yes
24) Licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public Yes
25) Local amenities Yes
26) Local sports facilities Yes
27) Markets Yes
28) Municipal abattoirs Yes
29) Municipal parks and recreation Yes
30) Municipal roads Yes
31) Noise pollution Yes
32) Pounds Yes
33) Public places Yes
34) Refuse removal, refuse disposal sites and Solid waste disposal Yes
35) Street trading Yes
36) Street lighting Yes
37) Vehicle licensing and registration Yes
38) Learners and Drivers licensing Yes