Date Modifies: 11/02/2016

  The Local Government Municipality legislation requires   each Municipality. According     to the Municipal   Systems Act, No 32 of 2000, the IDP is the Principal   Strategic   Planning instrument which guides and   informs all planning, budgeting, investment,     development management and implementation in the   decision making.

  The Executive Management Team and Middle   management are accountable for the   IDP and this is   reflected in the Performance Management Systems   (PMS) that links the   IDP to the strategic framework, to   the Macro Score Card, and then to the Performance   contracts for Senior Management investment more

               RECEIVES THE FIRST LADY                                           RECEIVES THE FIRST LADY
OF THE COUNTRY                                                          OF THE COUNTRY
MME THOBEKA MADIBA -ZUMA                                  :       MME THOBEKA MADIBA -ZUMA
The Mayor of Makhuduthamaga                                    The Mayor of Makhuduthamaga
Municipality His Worship Cllr                                         Municipality His Worship Cllr
Alfred Matlala receives the                                             Alfred Matlala receives the
first lady of the country Mme                                         first lady of the country Mme
Thobeka Madiba -Zuma more                            Thobeka Madiba -Zuma more