Key Performance Areas

Taking cognizance of the political, national, provincial and district policies and plans,
the following KPA’S were identified and adopted by the Makhuduthamaga Municipal Council:

  • Spatial Rationale
  • Basic Service Delivery and Infrastructure Development
  • Local Economic Development
  • Financial Viability and Management
  • Good Governance and Public Participation
  • Municipal Transformation and organizational development


KPA 1: SPATIAL RATIONALE To establish economical, socially , environmentally integrated sustainable human settlements around Makhuduthamaga Municipality
KPA 2: BASIC SERVICE DELIVERY AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT To ensure provision of efficient infrastructure ( Roads and storm-water) and energy supply that will contribute to the improvement of quality of life for all in Makhuduthamaga. To contribute to the safety of communities through the proactive identification, prevention, mitigation, and management of environment, fire and disaster risks.
KPA 3: LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT To facilitate sustainable economic empowerment for all communities within Makhuduthamaga and enabling a viable and conducive economic environment through the development of related initiatives including job creation and skills development
KPA 4: FINANCIAL VIABILITY AND MANAGEMENT To ensure the financial viability and sustainability of the municipality and to adhere to statutory requirements
KPA 5: GOOD GOVERNANCE AND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION To promote proper governance and public Participation.
To improve public relations thus pledging that our customers are serviced with dignity and care to facilitate the development of the poor and most vulnerable including the elderly, women, people with disabilities, youth and rights of Children
KPA6 : MUNICIPAL TRANSFORMATION AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Institutional transformation to provide an effective and efficient workforce by aligning institutional arrangements to the overall municipal strategy in order to deliver quality services