About Office of the Speaker

The Office of the Speaker is administered by Cllr. Makaleng Mpilo Magdeline in his capacity as the Speaker of Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality. The Speaker manages public participation through ward committees, stakeholder gatherings, petition processes, by-laws, etc, and enhancing the public participation role of the Speaker. Rendering secretariat services related to the meetings of ward committees, the Section 79 Ad Hoc Committee and the Council Committee so as to enhance the secretariat role of the Speaker. Providing effective strategic support to the units in the Speaker's office to enhance the role of the Speaker.


  • To provide political leadership in ward participatory governance
  • To involve the community in the affairs of the Municipality in terms of sections 16 and 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000)
  • To communicate information concerning community participation in terms of section 18 of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000
  • To ensure the planning, development and enhancement of effective policy and research in terms of the roles and delegations related to the Speaker
  • To ensure the implementation and maintenance of effective resolution tracking and monitoring for meetings of ward committees, the Section 79 Ad Hoc Committee and the Council
  • Committee

  • To ensure oversight over Council Committees, rules and orders
  • To ensure effective ward committee secretariat services


  • Petition, memorandums and public-hearing affairs
  • Public information and awareness services
  • Policy development, implementation and research
  • Resolution tracking and monitoring
  • Council committees, rules and orders oversight
  • Ward Committee secretariat services
  • Section 79 Ad Hoc Committee secretariat services
  • Council secretariat services
  • Councillor support, auxiliary service and civic events
  • Strategic planning and performance management

Mr Moropa Mogobadi Eric, as Municipal Manager, heads the administration. He is supported by a team of executive directors and managers providing executive support. Together with the Speaker of Council they ensure that the new governance model is implemented by establishing Section 79 Oversight Committees and ensuring that such Committees of Council are fully functional.